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IFography #3 is Out!

IFography cover

If you all are thinking that the magazine is dead, throw that thought out of the window! IFography is very much alive and here we are now with the very third issue!

We sincerely apologize for the slight delay as our real lives had too much events for us. But now, with most of it completed. we hope to release the magazine on a stable basis again! Expect to see a new issue on the upcoming month or two!

To make up for the delay, we filled this issue up with plenty of content, both engaging and interesting to read! A lot of events have happened since last issue’s release and we hope to fill readers up with them!

For this issue, there will only be a PDF release, as there wasn’t much time for us to create both text and online versions of the magazine. Don’t worry! They shall return in the next issue.

We hope that you all will enjoy IFography #3, and we will see you again next time!

Download the PDF file here.

Edit (1 September 2017): I was very wrong indeed. -M


IFography #2 Released!

IFography 2-2015-page001Welcome back to the second issue of IFography, everyone! After another month of hard work, we are pleased to inform you that it has finally been released, with a brand-new layout, a new interview, and interesting articles!

All of this designing wouldn’t have been possible without our new designer, Robert Patten. So let’s give a big thanks to all of his contributions! And let’s not forget the editor, Marshal Tenner Winter, and the helpful contributors that gave their help to the magazine.

As usual, there will be three versions of the magazine available. The online version has been moved to a new website which is made for the archiving the magazine. We hope that you will enjoy this issue, and we’ll see you next month!

Download the PDF file here.

Download the TXT file here.

Read the other version here.

IFography #1 Is Live!

IFography #1 FinalHello everybody! After a month of hard work and sorrow, the first issue of IFography is finally released! A lot of effort has gone into making this first issue one of the seven wonders of the world (lets hope it will be soon!).

As promised, you can find news on the latest competitions and reviews on some interesting games in the magazine. There’s even a bonus interview in there with Geoff Moore! (I’ll pretend that you know him)

There are three separate versions of the magazine that you can read. The online version (text only) which will be displayed on a single web page, the TXT only version of the file (in notepad), and the recommended PDF version, which has extra features and content.

You can find the links to the magazine below. Enjoy reading!

Download the PDF file here.

Download the TXT file here.

Read the online version here.